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 wondering what to try? ask our fans!

...tastes just like cake!

"Oh my God, that's good!  That tastes just like cake!"

-Semi-Finalist in the What Am I Licking contest at Sex Expo 2017

I am completely addicted...

"...a revelation for my very sensitive skin.  The foam is so much gentler than any intimate wash I have ever used and it leaves me feeling clean and fresh without stripping the natural moisture... I am completely addicted and will never use anything else again."

-Carolyn, next level!

"... take your makeout session to the next level and heat your lips way up!"


...tastes like avocado!

"waiting on rebecca for a new quote for this product b/c old quote was for garnet argan and I'm just try8ing to fill up som espace .."

-Emmeline Peaches,

...add a little sparkle!

"I think the EXSENS Glam Oil is perfect for the summertime and is a great way to add a little sparkle to your hair and body!"


...level up!

"I love this lube. I've given it as gifts and let me tell you- ladies love it. Gentlemen love it. It will totally help you level up your boudoir repetoire"

-Jacquetta, "Hey You Know It" Podcast