L'Eau Ultime: Pure Water for Ultra-Pure Hydration

Manufactured deep in the heart of heritage-rich Aix en Provence, Aixallia's products are crafted in our state-of-the art laboratory from only the finest ingredients. 

Our unique, ultra-purification treatment removes all chemical and bacterial contaminants from the water used to formulate Aixallia's skin care. This purity brings you the most effective beauty treatments possible. Our active ingredients are used in a whole, natural state, making them safer, more effective and less susceptible to deterioration.

Aixallia's soft water base and neutral pH respects the skin's dermal/epidermal border. Our products are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive conditions.

No impurities, no nonsense. Your skin deserves Aixallia's ultra-pure formulations.

 Aixallia's ultra-pure water difference


Carefully formulated and delicately scented, Aixallia's products are ideal for cleansing, soothing, protecting, repairing and energizing your skin. WE GUARANTEE you'll love Aixallia's pure-water formulations, or we'll refund your purchase price.